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High End Shop Management Software


The High End Price Tag!

Not as good as the competition, but better!

  • Phone App Scans Plates & Vins To Create Estimates
  • Text & Email Estimates, Tickets & Invoices
  • Text & Email Virtual Vehicle Videos
  • Quick Lube Builder
  • Preventative Maintenance

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Powerful & Sophisticated Shop Management Program!

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Features available in Bay-masteR
  • Scan Plates & VINS
  • Quick Lube
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Email/Text Estimates
  • Online Pricing/Ordering
  • ALLDATA Interface
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Online Tire Pricing/Ordering
  • Built in CRM Interface
  • Repair Videos
  • Margin Calculator
  • Multi-User/Location/Company
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    Online Ordering & Cataloging Bay-masteR offers the best in online ordering & cataloging. Through Speed ECat, Bay-masteR directly integrates with suppliers such as NAPA, O'Reillys, Autozone, Advance, CarQuest, Worldpac, Nexpart, and over 90 more. Speed ECat is the ultimate parts ordering solution. Designed for speed and ease of use, you'll be amazed at how quick you can locate and order parts with just a few clicks.

    Tire Guides & Ordering Bay-masteR includes a tire guide that shows real time stock information directly from American Tire Distributors and K&M Tire, as well as tire fitment information and tire specs. With a few clicks you can build a tire job and place the order directly from within Bay-masteR, without the need to order parts from a website and then re-enter information into the Bay-masteR system. It's all in one place, making your workday that much easier and more efficient.

    Labor Guides Bay-masteR also offers built in labor guides using MOTOR technical databases, as well as an interface to ALLDATA online and CarQuest or Mitchell eDATA.

    Inventory Bay-masteR offers full inventory control with purchase orders, vendor lists, automatic stock replenishment, and a unique sliding margin system customizable per customer.

    Marketing Business slow? Bay-masteR includes a full marketing system that allows you to print out postcards, labels and even e-mail customers when services are due so you can bring back your existing customers. Bay-masteR also offers the ability to keep track of your sales and profits, track individual items or groups of items.

    TimeCard Bay-masteR offers a complete timecard package allowing you to generate productivity and payroll reports. Keep track of employee productivity right from your shop management package!

    Canned Jobs Save time by utilizing canned jobs, pre-building regular jobs so you're not starting from scratch when common repairs come into the shop. Save even more time by setting up jobs to automatically launch an online catalog and look up the parts and labor that you'll need. Upsell your customers and make use of preventive maintenance schedules straight from Mitchell eDATA or ALLDATA online. Easily set the job as a quote if the work is declined. All of these features plus many more. Give us a call at 1-800-922-2378 to find out more!